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Smart Classroom

Smart class is aninnovativemethodology which aims at transforming the teachingtechniques from atraditional, industrious method ofverbal explanation to a very interactive andgraphicalpresentation making teaching more interesting to theteachers andlearning smooth and fun for the students

FastrackidsEnrichment Centre

Take advantage of the mostproductive time inyour child’s brain development with Fastrackidsrevolutionaryenrichment programme for KGstudents that promotes early exploration forlifelong learning. Few advantages are:

       A whole new RHYTHM to learning

       Stimulates learning, advances braindevelopment

       Serves as an outlet for every child’sinnatecreativity.

       Develops language skills andexpressions.

       Prepares children for school and life

       Develops creative problem solving skills

       Encourages life long learning

       Teaches the application and transfer ofknowledge

       Helps the child to focus, speak with confidenceand use creative brain

Greenwoods Science Park

Science Park is nothing but acluster of open air science gadgets all meant for play way learning ofsciences.It is an innovative concept of teaching science in an informal way.The basic concepts of science park lies on thetendency of the children to playand play more than to read.

The Greenwoods Science Park is designed to inculcate scientific temper among children and adults by covering various branches of science like mechanics, sound, light, heat, chemistry,biology, metereology and appliedscience too.


The Abacus training isincorporated as anintegral part of Maths curriculum right from secondstandard.The broad aim of the Abacus is to train a child toenable him/her to maximizethe use of brain power. Itresults in not only improving the child/s ability tosolvemathematical problems but also enhances the child’sattention span, memory,analyzing power, observation,listening and logical reasoning, thus leading toall-rounddevelopment.


The school provides spaciouslibrary with a wellindexed stock of newspapers and magazines. It opensthe doorsof world of reading to the students.LaboratoriesPractical work and hands-onexperience providesfor more effective learning. The science laboratories atourschool provide the proper training required for theICSE curriculum.


Computer andInternet Facility

We have three full fledgedcomputer laboratories tosatisfy the needs of the students. Internet facility isalsomade available for the use.



The School has an adequatelyequipped First Aid Centre,with a doctor on call, attendant and helpers.

Book store

Textbooks, stationery and schooluniforms are available here.

Career Guidanceand Counselling

A qualified Career Counsellorguides the students torecognise their talents and aptitudes.


A modern well-stocked canteensells juices, cold drinksand snacks during the break.

ICT and Multimedia

Information and CommunicationTechnology (ICT) is anintegral part of the curriculum. It is taught as a standalone subject from class I onwards and also woven throughout the curriculum all through the student’s schooling.

Students learn to use computerprogrammes and the internet to enhance communication and learning. ICT andtheInternet, with their practical applications, provide the students ampleopportunities to acquire a mastery in ICT Skills.

An interactive smartboard, amultimedia projector, an overhead projector, a document camera,educationalCD-Roms and videotapes available in a multimedia centre to supportand enrich learnship and teaching.

Transportation Services

The Trust provides transport facilities on specifiedroutes. These buses operate under the safety bus schemewhich ensures that yourchild reaches home safely and securely.