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Medium of Instruction
The medium of instruction and first language from LKGto XII classes is English. Three languages, i.e. English, Hindiand Malayalam are taught from grade I – V. From VI to VIII,besides English one language is taught as Second Languageand the other as third language. For ICSE, only two languagesare taught.

Pre-School (Kindergarten)
Our early childhood programme emphasizes child centric, self-directed learning and is concerned with the ‘wholechild’ its intellectual progress as well as its social, emotional,creative and physical well-being. It provides children with a richand stimulating environment in which proper learning can occur.Concrete experiences in a number of areas are provided forchildren of this age to learn by doing.
•    Through practical life experience (shoe-tying, cleaningup, serving their snakes..)
•    Through specially designed sensorial material, aschildren try to classify, compare and arrange objectsin their environment.
•    Through language experiences:Storytelling, readingrole play, writing experiences, animated videos,rhythm and rhyming process.
•    Through country, shape identification, computing andcomparing, tiny tots begin to grasp basicmathematical relationship.
•    Through movement activities during daily games andPE classes.
•    Through art, craft and music activities with specialists in fine arts

In our early childhood programme we adopt the way as children naturally learn. They learn best in a relaxedambience, where they can freely and recreationally explore and implore their environment with joy and in a playway method. Age for admission to LKG is 4 years on June 1 of the year concerned. Ganesm rhymes, sketching crayons work etc. form the core of curriculam. The school provides spacious and airy smart classroom with simpledécor and colourful furniture, and the provision of the latest audio-visual teaching aids.

Primary School (I-V)
The goal of the primary curriculum is to lay a strong educational foundation. It is broadly basedand takes into account the fact that each one enters the formal education with different level of readiness.The curriculum is planned to develop in the students a respect and love for learning, while giving themthe strong basic skills, which they will need to continue their education. Emphasis laid on building uplanguage skills in English. Through projects and by, earning with hand, heart and head the pupils willdevelop all aspects of their personality.

Middle and secondary school (VI-X)
The middle school (VI-VIII) is a smooth transition from Primary to High School. The syllabus for everysubject of stds VI, VII, and VIII is framed by the teachers themselves, hence it is very flexible and needs of the childare incorporated in the syllabus. The students of IX and X are prepared for an all India Examination, ICSE, (IndianCertificate of Secondary Education) conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate, New Delhi.

 We offerthe students of Stds. IX and X, the following subjects:
•    The project work supports and extends the innate curiosity of the child and develops the attitudes and skillsnecessary to gain an understanding of the world around.
•    The Language-Lab and the Mathematical Lab help in aninnovative manner to sustain the interest and to develop the language and the mental ability of the child.
•    English Language and Literature, Hindi, Malayalam, History & Civics and Geography, Physics, Chemistry,Biology, Mathematics, Commercial Studies, Economics, Physical Education and Computer application to cater theirindividual abilities and interests.
•    In addition, students take exploratory courses and acquire proficiency in a skill offered through the Hobbiesprogramme. During this period the students acquire and reach a satisfactory level in physical education, a thirdlanguage, community service and value education.
•    Students learn in a caring environment where their ideas are freely expressed and valued. This creates astimulating learning situation for all.
•    The education programme is constantly modified according to the needs of the students and the changingtimes. This programme not only equips the children to enter colleges but also prepare them with skills that theyneed, to flourish them for their future role as world citizens.