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Admission Procedures
Admission process upholds the school’s tradition of excellence in academic, the arts and athletics.  Faculty and authorities share the responsibility for student selection.  Student selection is based on academic and non-academic considerations.  Admission criteria includes scholastic performance, test scores in entrance examination and reports of demonstrated talents and interests. Admissions to other classes are on the basis of a written test and performance in the previous schools.
The age of admission to KGI is 3 i.e. the child should have completed 3 years on or before Ist June of the year of admission.

The documents to be produced
* Duly completed registration form
* Three passport size photographs
* A copy of Birth Certificate (Original to be produced for verification)

Additional documents to be produced by students seeking 
admission to class IInd and above.
* Original Transfer Certificate
 * Duly attested copy of last school Progress Report Card.

Withdrawal Procedure
One month’s written notice, in the prescribed form conveying intention of withdrawal of the child should be submitted to the school authorities. If the application is received in the school office after the first week of the month, one month’s fees, in lieu of notice, will be charged.