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1.        Student should carry this Diary to school every day.

2.        THE CAMPUS LANGUAGE IS ENGLISH. All are expected to speak English in the school premises and school buses. Defaulters will be penalize.

3.        The school uniform should be neat and well pressed.

4.        Lending or borrowing of money or other articles are not permitted.

5.        Student’s behaviour should be decent and pleasing at all times and in all places, both inside and outside the school.

6.        It is not advisable to bring valuable articles to school.

7.        No shouting or whistling is allowed in and around the school building.

8.        Home assignments shall be done regularly and carefully and submitted at the prescribed time.

9.        Students must come to school on time. Late comers are not allowed to enter the campus.

10.      Boys should not have long hair and girls must tie their hair with hairband or ribbon.

11.      Changing of class rooms between the periods should be done in silence and in an orderly manner.

12.      If a pupil is late or absent, he/she must bring a written justification in the 'Absence Record/Late coming Record' in the Diary.

13.      No books (other than the text books, Note book or library books) magazines or papers may be bought to the school without the Principals permission.

14.      Care must be taken of all school property and no student should scratch or spoil the desks or chairs or damage any school furniture or write or draw any thing on the walls or in any way damage things belonging to others. Damage done even by accident should be reported at once to the class teacher or to the Principal.

15.      Any damage done will be made good by the concerned student together with a fine imposed on him/her for such an offence.Any one who notices something damaged should report the matter even if he/she does not know who has done it.

16.      Attendance in the morning assembly is compulsory.

17.      It is strictly forbidden to throw anything at anyone.

18.      The school reserves for itself the right to terminate the students with unsatisfactory progress IN STUDIES OR WHOSE CONDUCT IS VIOLENT OR SCANDALOUS.


1.         Pupils must observe queue system to get into the bus.

2.         The buses will not wait for late comers.

3.         Children should stay away from the main road until the bus arrives.

4.         No student should come near the entry door until it has made a complete stop.

5.         They must occupy the vacant seats immediately after boarding their bus.

6.         When the bus is in motion students must not move around. They should not have any part of their body out of the bus.

7.         Objects of any kind  must not be discarded  inside or thrown out of the bus.

8.         Students will be held responsible for any damage to buses caused by their negligence or vandalism.

9.         No student is allowed to eat in the bus.

10.       Discarding of trash or food either inside or outside the  bus is not permitted.

11.       Shrieking, shouting and unruly behaviour are strictly prohibited.           

             Courteous behaviour is expected at all times.

12.       The driver’s attention must not be distracted for any reason.

13.       The bus monitors are responsible for maintaining discipline in the buses. Any serious offences should be reported to the Principal.



1.      Library periods shall be utilised by the pupils for reading books, magazines and doing reference work in the reading room.

2.      They shall observe perfect discipline inside the library.

3.      No one shall take any book from the library with out making entry in the register.

4.      Only one book will be issued at a time, on the day fixed for the class.

5.      Students shall handle the books carefully. Any damage caused to the books shall have to be made good.

6.      Students have to pay the cost of the book if they loss it.

7.      Students are advised to examine the books very carefully before leaving the library. They have to report the damages noticed to the Librarian.   Otherwise they may be held responsible for it.

8.      Library books are issued for a period of 7 days. Failure to return the book on the due date will entail imposition of late fee.

9.      None will have their refreshment in the reading room during recess or at any other time.


1.      Parents have to submit written application for leave and obtain necessary permission from the respective Head of Section before their wards proceed on long leave. Parents are advised to meet the Head of Section with their wards before they attend classes after long leave.

2.      Application for leave on medical grounds should be supported by  authentic medical certificate.

3.      Absence without permission should be avoided.

4.      During examination period, leave will not be granted.



         A pupil shall have his/her name removed from the rolls on any of the  following reasons:

1.      If he/she is absent without leave application for 15 consecutive days. Such pupils will be admitted only after paying readmission fee of Rs 50 and all dues up to the date of readmission.

2.      If he/she has failed a second time in any of the classes.

3.      If he/she does not pay the fees of a term within 15 consecutive working days after the expiry of the last day of remittance with late fee.

4.      If the parent/guardian does not report to the Principal when called to do so within three days after he/she is in receipt of the message